Corporate Consulting

Corporate employees need support as their day is 50% work and 50% Caregiving.  Our programs will address the stresses and the strain of these two overwhelming jobs and will provide both support and resources to ease the ongoing difficulties and the juggling of the jobs.

Here are issues we will address:

  • Navigating Personal and Professional life while Caregiving
  • Hybrid Caregiving and Balance
  • Self-Care while Caregiving
  • Success Despite Caregiving Responsibilities
  • Wisdom and Resources for Caregivers

As a result of the program, here are three anticipated results:

  • Reduction of the stress of hybrid working and caregiving
  • Strategies for remaining productive and feeling you are being supported
  • Trusted resource for navigating a, prioritizing, and managing emotion

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Working with CareGivers-WellBeing

We offer personalized consulting and group services to help you navigate very complicated waters:

Caregiver Consulting

What is needed so that
Caregiver can survive the
Caregiving job

Organizational Consulting

Home organization
guidance for before and
after the diagnosis

Corporate Consulting

Employee and Executive Coaching
Keynote and Breakout Sessions

Why Choose CareGivers-WellBeing

CareGivers-WellBeing is a personalized consulting practice which works with those taking care of dementia patients. There are three pillars to our services which include the whole illness, whole person, and whole family. We work with you to navigate these very complicated waters.


Although based in metrowest Boston, Ellie consults with caregivers across the U.S., both in-person and virtually.

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