Caregiver Consulting

Dementia Caregiver Consulting

Would you benefit from a dedicated place to be heard? You may have questions right now. Dementia is a complicated disease and the challenges change as the stages of the disease worsen. I am here to help you.

Dementia caregiver consulting provides a safe and quiet place to express feelings and frustrations that so often burden those in the caregiving role. You can be totally honest with me about the day-to-day changes happening to your loved one. I am here to listen.

How can I help you get through the tough days and relax and gain strength during the easy ones?

  • One on one personal consulting sessions
  • Small caregiver group meetings
  • Organizational strategies
  • Trusted resource list

What's effective about CareGivers WellBeing Consulting?

CareGivers-WellBeing is effective as an advocate for Caregivers of Dementia patients and provides practical wisdom and resources to those caring for a loved one. This helps to ease this painful journey of Dementia caregiving.

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Working with CareGivers-WellBeing

We offer personalized consulting and group services to help you navigate very complicated waters:

Caregiver Consulting

What is needed so that
Caregiver can survive the
Caregiving job

Organizational Consulting

Home organization
guidance for before and
after the diagnosis

Corporate Consulting

Employee and Executive Coaching
Keynote and Breakout Sessions

Why Choose CareGivers-WellBeing

CareGivers-WellBeing is a personalized consulting practice which works with those taking care of dementia patients. There are three pillars to our services which include the whole illness, whole person, and whole family. We work with you to navigate these very complicated waters.


Although based in metrowest Boston, Ellie consults with caregivers across the U.S., both in-person and virtually.

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